about us

Lucas & Amber

Two people in military uniforms posing for a picture.

"Our mission is to provide empowering wakesurf experiences for disabled veterans, first responders, and their families, fostering camaraderie, healing, and resilience through the therapeutic power of water sports. We are dedicated to offering inclusive, supportive environments where participants and their loved ones can find joy, connection, and a renewed sense of purpose, strengthening bonds and building a community of support."

"In life, time is the ultimate currency, finite yet infinitely valuable. How we choose to spend it defines our priorities, shapes our experiences, and forges our legacy. With each passing moment, we invest our time in pursuits that reflect our passions, values, and aspirations, recognizing that the moments we create and the connections we nurture are the true treasures of our existence."

I believe that the small  moments in time when we share our passions with others are the moments that last the longest.

Freedom Surf will be offering hourly rates to the public in order to take our nations heroes out for free! Please don't hesitate to nominate the hero of your choosing!